1st Edition Workbook for Churches

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Click on the link below to purchase the 1st Edition of “Five Steps to Avoid the School to Prison Pipeline Workbook”. *Note that the 1st Edition is recommended for churches as it has religious references, which may cause concerns in public institutions such as schools. The 2nd Edition does not have any religious references and therefore it is recommended for use in public school settings or anywhere that church and state seperation is of concern. If you are looking for the 2nd Edition for use in public schools please Click Here


1st Edition for Churches Pre Post Survey – Click Here to access the full survey for use with your students/parents.

Workbook Support Resources

You can use the links below to assist you as you perform the research included in the following steps of the 1st Edition workbook:

Facilitating a large group? Download PowerPoint Presentations which contain the same questions that are in the Workbook below. Want to add your own questions or customize? Feel free to do so, they are all editable.

Step 1: Become More Involved In Your Own Education

Step 2: Don’t Let Your Environment Determine Your Future

Step 3: Avoid Negative Peer Pressure

Step 4: Discover Your Purpose In Life

Step 5: Create A Plan For Yourself