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This page contains additional companion resource links to support the Steps in the workbook. Scroll down to view resources for each step. These resources are updated regularly in an effort to stay relevant to the needs of youth.

Step 1

Quick Tip

Educational Game Apps

Letter From An Eager to Learn & Grow Student

Click below to download the letter for printing or to display on classroom screen. It is recommended that copies of this letter be printed for youth to use.

Step 2

Business Plan

Click below to download the sample business plan from the book to display on a classroom screen

Most dangerous cities in America

Following are a list of the website links we used to access the data found in this step. You may use this data to find information for your own city:

Step 3

Check back soon for resources in this step!

Step 4

Favorite 5 minute meditations

Step 5

Resources needed for this step Counselors, Social Workers, College Advisors, etc who can assist youth in completing the tasks that they have listed on their Education or Career Plan