Facilitators Area

Below are links and information to help support Facilitators of the “Five Steps” Course. If you would like to learn how to receive training to become a Facilitator of this course to youth, CLICK HERE to inquire.

Click here on Emotion cards to download them for printing

Step 1

Props/supplies needed for this step
  1. Prop cracked eyeglasses with tape wrapped around one side
  2. Tangled and tacky woman’s wig for Teacher Ms. Smith
  3. Fake stick-on men’s mustache for Principal and Security Guard
  4. Fake security badge for Security Guard
  5. Cell phone for Jaleesa
Quick Tip (Page 18) Educational Game Apps

Letter From An Eager to Learn & Grow Student (Page 20) Click below to download the letter for printing or to display on classroom screen. It is recommended that copies of this letter be printed for youth to use.

Step 2

Props/supplies needed for this step
  • Computer, screen and projector
  • Space for small group breakouts
  • Beach ball to place under shirt for pregnancy
  • About 9 play-money bills
Business Plan (Pages 36-37) Click below to download the sample business plan from the book to display on a classroom screen

Most dangerous cities in America (Pages 41-43) Use the following pie charts to help show visuals of the crime statistics which will help youth to answer questions

U.S. Bureau Quickfacts (Page 43) Click Here to find average household income, education level, etc in your city

Step 3

Props/supplies needed for this step
  • Fake stick-on mustache for the Counselor


Step 4

Props/supplies needed for this step
  • Radio and CD with light meditation music
Other Meditation Techniques for Youth – Step 4
  • Youth Meditation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering youth, teachers and parents with practical knowledge and effective tools for managing stress, anxiety and emotions as they navigate through adolescence. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
Other Meditation Techniques for Youth – Step 4
  • 2 minute video explaining what meditation is and why it is important CLICK HERE

Step 5

Resources needed for this step Counselors, Social Workers, College Advisors, etc who can assist youth in completing the tasks that they have listed on their Education or Career Plan